Just had a quick squizz and they look amazing. Thank you so much!! So many moments you captured that I didn’t realise you were there taking photos. You became part of our “A team” seamlessly. Thank you for going above and beyond.

Being a wedding photographer is such a great way to live your life.

I know loads of wedding photographers who have such positive things to say about how they spend their working life.

I was thinking this very thought on the drive home, having just finished shooting Amie and Nick’s wedding. I was driving through the stunning national park that surrounds Cottage Point and I was just thinking that their day was a case in point.

Here was a pretty perfect afternoon, spent down on the wharf overlooking the waters around Cottage Point, with a small but very sociable gathering of family and friends there to witness Amie and Nick tie the knot, which they did without a hitch (Amie’s ring did eventually go on after some determined perseverance from Nick).

An afternoon of great food, an abundance of wine and craft beers, all interspersed with heartfelt speeches. Water taxis arrived, just as the sun began its decline, to make the short journey around the headland to the house on the hill and the after party.

And on that drive home I was reflecting back on the day that had just passed. I was genuinely thinking to myself how lucky am I that I get to spend my working day with such great people, witnessing a day full of happiness, sometimes touched with a little sadness but always overflowing with joy and fun.

And a huge reason for that sense of gratitude towards the work I do is down to working and spending a little time with great folks like Amie and Nick and their family and friends.

Thanks for having me guys. Here are your highlights!