How would you describe your style of photography?

I think the best description of my style and approach would be to say it’s photojournalism or documentary. I look for the unobserved and intimate in-between moments that capture the honest story of you and your day. I get to capture your story whilst allowing you the freedom to enjoy your day to the full without interruption.

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There’s so many photographers to choose from. What makes your style different from all the others?

It’s not so much about my style. It’s more about my philosophy. My philosophy, or approach, is deeply embedded in storytelling. Wedding stories can only be truly told if they are allowed to follow their own, natural path. I’m passionate that your day is yours and not mine. I’m simply there as an observer to capture your wedding moments as the naturally happen.

I’m not sure I really like being photographed. Will this be a problem?

That’s not an uncommon statement from most of my couples. To be honest though you’ll not even know I’m there for 90% of your day. By the time I’ve shot your pre-ceremony preparations I’ll feel more like one of your guest. As for that other 10% of your day, your portrait session, my approach remains very informal. You should view it more as a chance for you to have a little down time, some breathing space away from the wedding, to be together for the first time as a newlywed couple. Here’s a recent blog post that explains my portraiture approach in my detail.

We really want a photographer who has shot at our venue before?

I can understand why this may be a factor in choosing a photographer. However, my advice is you should look for a photographer whose work you really like as opposed to a photographer who has previously shot at your wedding venue. A good wedding photographer will be able to get the best out of a venue regardless of whether they’ve previously shot there or not. All of my packages include venue scouting prior to the wedding so I know in advance what the best locations are that the venue offers.

What happens if it rains?

Being from Scotland, trust me, I’ve shot my fair share of wet weddings. Part of my venue scouting visit is to look for wet weather options. I also carry white brollies for those days where it’s simply in the hands of the gods!

What equipment do you use (are you professional)?

I use all full frame professional bodies (with backups – which I’ve never had to use). I shoot with two cards in each body, creating a backup of ever frame shot. All my lenses are high-end glass. I’m a full time professional photographer and I’m fully insured.

Will you travel?

Absolutely. I’ve no geographical restriction at all. Travel costs may apply but I’ll advise you of these before you make a booking.

Wedding albums seem expensive?

Ah yes, never a truer word spoken. But to be honest they’re expensive for me to produce too. Easiest way to view this is that you are buying a truly bespoke, one-off keepsake that will stand the test of time. The books I produce are guaranteed for life and showcase wedding photography at its very best. There’s no better way to preserve all those great moments that made up your wedding day for future generation. Still need convincing? Then check out this piece I wrote explaining why I think an album should be considered a valued investment: Investing In A Fine Art Wedding Album

When can we see our final images?

I always aim to provide you with your images within six to eight weeks of your wedding date.

You have two photography packages. We can’t decide which is best for us?

I offer two packages for several reasons. My short, 6 hour, package is really suited for couples who are having a short or very small wedding and therefore don’t really need any additional coverage. However, almost all of my bookings are for full-day coverage. It means I’m yours for the day, from start to finish. I don’t charge excessively more for my full-day package so that this level of coverage is still financial affordable for most couples.

Can we meet with you to discuss our wedding?

That’s a great idea. I’m based near Manly so give me a yell and we can organise a where and a when!

How do we make a booking?

I simply ask that you complete a very straightforward booking form and pay a deposit of $1,000. The remaining package balance is due 14 days prior to your wedding.

Is it you who will photograph our wedding?

Absolutely. I am passionate about my style of photography and take great strides to maintain it. If I’m not prepared to compromise on this then I don’t see why you should either.

I have a question but it’s not here

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Finally had time to have a good look through all the pictures - we LOVE them! I could look at them all day!! A massive thank you for the job you did at our wedding. Your relaxed, easy going nature suited Mick and I perfectly, and we felt completely comfortable all day and night.

Nicole & Mick

I know we have spoken since, but I wanted to drop an email to say thank you so much for everything. It was a pleasure having you as our photographer on the wedding day, you weren't intrusive at all, which was a big thing for us, and you captured so many great shots!!

Shelley & Jimmy