I’ve always been a huge fan of printed photographic work. My studio walls, for example, are a ever evolving gallery of fine art prints, which I refresh on a regular basis. Although this process requires an investment in time and money, the pleasure I get from having these prints on display makes that process more than worth it. From time to time I’ll rehang an old frame from one of my travels or a candid portrait of one of my kids. After all, these are my life’s milestones that I feel should be relived and not hidden away out of sight on a hard-drive.

Which brings me round to a question I get asked by many wedding couples – should we opt for a wedding album?

That can sometimes be a difficult question for a photographer to answer without sounding like we are beating the sales drum. For me personally, I always advocate that couples should primarily focus on finding a photographer whose work is to their liking and is of a high and consistent standard. That way, when they receive their finished set of images they know they’ll have a story that they can cherish, revisit and get great pleasure from for years to come.

That’s why my packages, as well as most of my pre-wedding conversations, revolve around the photography. Making sure that couples get the right level of coverage that’s suits both their day and their expectations. For me these are the fundamentals above all else.

Which then brings us back to that original question – should couples opt for a wedding album?

In my opinion the answer is an emphatic yes!


Firstly, there is nothing like experiencing your wedding pictures in fine art print. To give you an idea of what that actually means let me firstly explain a little about the albums that I offer. I work in collaboration with an exceptional local printer, who in my opinion is producing the finest wedding albums on the market today. Using archive inks and printed onto museum quality papers, these fine art wedding albums produce rich and natural tones. Each album is individually printed and bound by hand and finished either with ethically sources premium leather or linen cloth, all of which come with numerous colour options.

These books are produced to stand the tests of time without fading or discolouration. Built by hand, and with a bespoke design, your wedding album will showcase your wedding pictures at their very best.

But above all else, the hands down reason I’m such a strong advocate of wedding albums is a more personal reason. It goes back to my original point about why I have my pictures hanging on my studio wall. Your wedding album will be a spectacular snapshot from your day, all your favourite pictures displayed in eye watering colour and detail. It will become a timeless keepsake into old age, a keepsake that is to be enjoyed as memories are relived. It’ll become a cherished momentum of one of your many life milestones, an investment in the future that will ultimately be handed down from generation to generation, documenting a little of the fabric that makes up your family history. In my opinion, you just can’t get close to that experience from viewing pictures from a hard-drive!

[Client sample album, finished with midnight-blue leather cover and bronze foiled lettering. Handmade from a bespoke design]