Lee & Adam

As a photographer you occasionally get to do something nice for your friends and there’s nothing nicer than shooting their wedding.

I’ve known Lee and Adam for 2 out of the 3 years I’ve been living here in Sydney. For that whole time Lee and I have always joked about how I’d shoot her wedding. So it was kind of weird, at 9.30am on Sunday morning, walking into her folks house seeing her sat there in the make-up hot-seat!

Like most things in life, wedding photography is all about being prepared. So, with this being my first ever Jewish wedding Lee and Adam had briefed me in advance about all the cultural elements of their day. I learned about the ceremonial chuppah and about the bedeken veil ceremony. We discussed elements of the ceremony itself like the sharing of wine and the post vows glass breaking. Then there was the yichud, the challah bread blessing and finally the benching.

By the time the day came I felt really prepared. I’d had the right conversations and I’d done my homework. In fact everything went exactly as I’d anticipated…

And then came the hora!

It was kind of explained to me as “everyone gets up on the dance-floor and goes a little crazy”. I was told to just get on the dance-floor and try not to get stomped on. Lets just say, for the uninitiated, there’s no advanced planning that can prepare you for a full on hora! In truth, you just need to get in there and get a little stomped on!

Like Leeza and Patrick’s Vietnamese tea ceremony last month, I felt truly privileged to have been invited to document my first Jewish wedding celebration. I witnessed a day that felt very close and personal to Lee, Adam and all their friends and family. To have been able to play a small part in their amazing day is surely what friendship is all about.

Mazel tov Lee and Adam!