Leeza and Patrick Wedding Photography | Wahroonga and Canley Vale, Sydney

I reckon it’s safe to say that in Scotland (that’s where I’m from by the way; just in case you’re thinking why is he making random statements about Scottish people) not many wedding photographers get to start their Saturday morning by saying “right; I’m off to shoot a Vietnamese wedding tea ceremony”. We don’t really do Vietnamese tea ceremonies in Scotland, but hey – that’s the beauty of living in Australia!

I can honestly say I genuinely felt very privileged to be invited to witness and document the coming together of Leeza and Patrick and their two cultures.

Such an amazing feeling all day long – from the tea ceremony and the amazing Vietnamese gifts, the chilled out garden party, to THAT roast suckling pig and those crazy ‘lick the peanut butter off the glad wrap’ party games…. and all before we even got to the church!

Voilà… what a day!