Thank you so much for taking such beautiful photos of our wedding! Every shot is lovely and you have captured how much fun we had! Thank you SO much!!

Wedding mornings can be a little bit of a rollercoaster of events. Things, suddenly, are actually happening after months of prior planning. Things begin to fall into place as the morning evolves and time slips towards the first milestone of the day – the ceremony.

For the vast majority of weddings this rollercoaster of events experiences minor hiccups along the way – grooms forget how to tie bowties and brides underestimate how long it takes to button up their dress.

Ben and his groomsmen however, took the rollercoaster experience to a whole new level.

It’s Saturday morning and I’ve just arrived at Ben’s. Everything is very relaxed and casual, all is under control and stress free.

It’s decided that, before I leave, the boys should begin getting ready. We head upstairs and before we know it the iron is out, shirts are being pressed, shoes laced up and cufflinks are being distributed. It’s a busy scene but, three hours before the ceremony, all is in order.

It’s right about now the suits come out and it soon becomes apparent that, what was meant to be four blue suits, is actually three blue suits and one black suit.

With three hour before the ceremony, that’s an all-together different level of rollercoaster!

Incredibly though Ben and the boys make some calls, problems are solved and somehow they manage, not only to replace the black suit for an identical blue suit, but also get it tailored to fit AND be at the ceremony on time.

For me this epitomises what wedding days are all about – a day full of the unexpected, a milestone that evolves over the course of a single day but leaves an lifetime of memories and stories to be retold for generations to come.

Here’s Steph and Ben’s higjhlights: